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Welcome to the home of UK Beauty Training Academy offering all your beauty & aesthetics needs to aspiring beauticians and aestheticians across the UK

With our head office based in Colchester, Essex where the heart of our business started we decided to branch out to the rest of the UK offering advanced beauty and aesthetics courses in various locations covering areas such as Northampton, Kent & Suffolk to name a few.

Simply click on the County closest to you to find out what courses are in your area.

Ange has been in the beauty industry for nearly 10 years, she began her career after a change direction from the retail industry to Beauty Therapy completing Level 2 at Colchester Institute as an adult learner, then progressing on to complete her Level 3.

She very quickly moved into running her own business, working from home, where she was able to build a great client base and reputation. In 2015 she became the director of Brown and White salon in Colchester taking her business to the next level.

Ange is exceptional at all areas of beauty, this coupled with an amazing business mindset, the ability to understand marketing and growth and her drive and determination to create the highest standards within the industry has allowed her to develop the company to hold a substantial client base of over 5000 satisfied customers.

She is an incredible business woman equipped with all the skills and knowledge to create maximum success for every learner attending the Academy. Seeing others win fulfils her commitment to nothing but outstanding standards at all times.

After attending many training courses over the years she felt it was time to extend her knowledge into teaching. In her words “To be able to send future Beauticians into their career paths equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to carry out their chosen treatments with confidence is my ultimate goal”

Beth has been a beauty therapist for almost 20 years.  She retrained in Beauty Therapy after the realisation a career of unsatisfying positions within a corporate setting was not for her. 

Upon completion of Level 2 and 3 she launched her first salon, Ministry of Hair & Beauty abroad offering all aspects of beauty therapy and nail technology to a large and demanding client base.  She opened her second salon in UK a short time after and both business were highly successful for many years.  During this time Beth maintained her commitment to Continual Professional Development returning to the UK to attend various training courses whilst running her businesses. After adding  Level 2 and 3 hairdressing to her repertoire the opportunity came to teach within an Further Education setting,  It was here Beth discovered her second passion for teaching, training and mentorship.

Over the years Beth has delivered all levels of government recognised qualifications, NVQ’s and advanced beauty in FE Colleges, Apprenticeships in industry, Barbering within Her Majesty’s Prison Service, Adult Community Learning and within the private sector whilst still running a strong successful business.

Beth describes herself as a ‘Theory Geek” and is still as inspired by how amazing and innovative the Beauty Industry is as she was the first time she stepped onto the salon floor all those years ago.  Beth now runs the Ministry of Hair & Beauty in Colchester and teaches within the Adult Learning environment.

Both Beth and Ange continue to remain current within the industry and are highly skilled Advanced Beauty Therapists, Permanent Cosmetics and Aesthetics practitioners.

The UK Beauty Training Academy is their way of continuing to grow themselves and others within an industry they are both passionate and excited to be part of.

Don’t wait for opportunity, create it!

Ange & Beth x

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